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  1. Me without you

    Februar 16, 2012 by Rosalia

  2. La Dolce Vita – Now you know why girls always late

    Februar 15, 2012 by Rosalia

    It’s simple! With basic black and white you can do so much. Don’t forget your accessories, ready? go! How we always know pretty heals are for good.

    To be honest, i don’t really like MK&A (you’re right! I was thinking about to boycott this line). Too young, too much money, too many drugs. Not everyone can be as spoilt as they are. But okay, after all, who cares? We like what they design and we don’t give a f*ck how they live “la dolce vita”.

    Go and visit their blog

  3. Let the cat out of the bag

    Februar 15, 2012 by Rosalia

    Here we go! FREITAG REFERENCE collection is out now. This red MCLAREN (astonished? yes, it’s namely how this bag is called!) is easily my favourite. Go to and choose your unique shopper, business or sport bag.
    Viva la Swiss!

  4. Good morning my valentine ♥♥♥

    Februar 14, 2012 by Rosalia

  5. Lilli’s, we love!

    Februar 14, 2012 by Rosalia

    i found these pretty things at
    Put on warm clothes when you explore the frosty and snowy landscapes!

  6. lieblingsstükke

    Februar 12, 2012 by Rosalia


    dress: lieblingsstü

  7. Beautiful :)

    November 22, 2011 by Rosalia

  8. Shade Parade

    November 22, 2011 by Rosalia