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  1. the principle hope

    April 20, 2012 by Rosalia

    Herbert Grönemeyer is THE german artist. He is living proof that Germany not only makes good products but also good musicians! His music is truly deep and impressiv. Actually this song was inspired by and dedicated to his wife whom he lost to cancer. If you translate the lyrics you will feel his love for her…
    Polina Semionova talented and beautiful…enough said.

    Read the translation extract, maybe you feel more what I’m talking about

    Does one know, how often a heart can break?
    How much sense have does the illusion?
    Are feelings worthwhile themselves?

    How do many tears fit into a channel?
    Do we live once again?
    Why does one wake up?
    What heals the time?

    I am your 7. Sense,
    Your double soil,
    Your second face.
    You are an intelligent prognosis,
    the principle hope,
    a shining strip from the night.

    I am one of your colors,
    can select me…